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Check out this Sunset Beach weather forecast. Sunset Beach is the quintessential California beach village with the ideal beach-side weather. Year-round, you’ll find ways to enjoy the beach, the surf, and the city. With its picture-perfect weather, parks, Art Festival, and expansive sandy beach, Sunset Beach offers the best of Southern California living.

Novice surfers or those wanting to learn will find that the waves off of Sunset Beach are just right gaining skills, developing your technique, and generally getting the hang of surfing without competition from the expert surfers competing for waves in other locales. And the mild weather with few extremes means you can practice in nearly every season throughout the months.

If you are looking for the perfect home in Sunset Beach, you’ll want to keep tabs on the weather forecast. Bookmark this page and check back frequently as it updates the weather continuously throughout the day.

Living in Sunset Beach

Here are the latest listings of property for sale in Sunset Beach. We can help you find your dream home where you can enjoy the perfect Sunset Beach weather. Check these out.